Bestemmiavo continuamente... poi mi apparve Gesù
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Bestemmiavo continuamente... poi mi apparve Gesù


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Codice libro ISBN 978 88 97420 59 0

A Wonderful Testimony
Then Jesus Appeared To Me by Gianluigi Sio is a brief autobiography of his life transformation after seeing Jesus alongside a busy roadway. Captivating and a short read, readers come to see a powerful spiritual change that took place in the heart of the author, coming from a place of lust, sin and greed for money.

The author retells his conversion that is sometimes embellished with humor along the way as the author speaks of how incredibly stupid he could be, making fun of his humanity. As such, his story is worth the read, as he offers snip-its of the demonic battle he faced in reading the Gospels, and strange occurrences such as his bed shaking, but then he shows how he overcame all by faith and perseverance.

He describes the Fathers love and embrace as something “tangible,” and give credence to the power and presence of God as awing and heavy. His life and testimony are a powerful blessing to the world around him and show others how God turned him around for the good. His only hope is others may come to know Jesus as well.

For Americans, this book represents a different culture, which is a delight to read. The author, Gianluigi Sio, grew up on a small island in Italy. In fact, he makes fun of this fact and states that the only playmates he had was watching a crow building a nest in an old oak tree. Still, he wasn’t joking-as he describes watching her build a nest.

Life growing up in a small Italian town was different to say the least and is very different from America. Offering glimpses into this life, one thing he recalls was the stars at night that fascinated him. Surely, he knew there might be a Creator out there somewhere and that, we, as humans, are so finite. His book relates the commonality of mankind, a commonness we all face, “sin,” and the propensity towards temptation. His testimony makes for a delightful read that makes mention of moments that stood out in time for him.
The little comments his darling daughter make are intriguing and will make one stop and think.
My personal favorite is, “God never sleeps.”

His story encourages all to consider their ways and run to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, repenting of all sin, not in a religious way, but gives insight on the new heart, life and joy Jesus wants to give you.

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